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 Zero Kiryu

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PostSubject: Zero Kiryu   Zero Kiryu I_icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2009 9:05 pm

Name: Zero Kiryu

Age: Unknown

Type: Vampire, Neko

Sex: Male

Height: 5’9

Weight: 168lbs

Appearance: Zero Kiryu Zero_k10

Zero wear a black, white and red uniform it is a family clothing piece he will wear it every day he is seen he wears a black over coat with 3 buttons it is a very fancy over shirt under this is a lighter black formal shirt it is another part of his outfit this part of his shirt is viewable to all people since he will leave his over coat open at all times, he wears a light blood coloured tie around his neck loosely underneath all of his clothing is a pinkish white shirt it is plain but is part of his family uniform all together the uniform is very warm and very well planned out.

Full Vampire Form:

Weapons: Katanas, Knives, guns

Katana: Zero Kiryu Sephir10

Guns: ((Reminder the silver gun is named Joshua, the black is jackal)) Zero Kiryu Norm-440151a944560-Hellsing+(TV)+(2002)


Child hood: Zero was born over a millennia ago his age is unknown he was a very shy child when he was born he was infected with the Vampire’s Curse given to him the very day he was born into the Kiryu family line, the Kiryu family is a hidden family now extinct a very, very long time ago his main family consisted of his mother Miranda, his father Kirra, his brother Kikarin and his very young and little sister Julietta.

Starting school: Zero was the oldest in the academy he was 17 by this time he started the academy, he was the oldest so far in his class but yet he only seemed to look about 18-19 years old but he was only 17, Zero took his time in the academy he passed through it with extreme ease he had no problems with the people although some were frightened by his curse if he activated it but he had it all under control, Zero stayed alone he had no place to live and had no where to stay but while in the academy he met a young girl 15 years of age named Yuuki she was sweet, innocent, kind, shy and loving, Zero stared to think of her a fair bit he was distracted by her a lot he found her a very beautiful girl but yet when he thought about her all he could think was feeding on her blood from her neck he tried to shake the thoughts out but she approached him and whispered her name in his ear while he was sitting down and she told him to meet her after class.

Zero took her offer and met her after class alone in the shower rooms he was worried that she was going to try something he stood in the middle of the room only to hear the door close and lock behind him, Yuuki came up behind him and started to whisper in his ear.

“Mmmmm…so you’re the new boy…the one from the Kiryu clan…sounds…good…I brought you here so…you can bite me and give me the curse…so you can command me…your a slave…so…dig in”

Zero was amazed to hear her just offering her blood to him, letting him infect her with the virus was just so amazing to hear, Zero turned around and looked at her, she had her neck leant to the side just offering her blood to him, Zero drew out his teeth and bit into her neck, Yuuki let out a small yelp that was quiet but hearable to him, Zero began to feed from her blood and drink it the curse started to appear on her but Zero pulled of as the blood felt weird to taste, it tasted like more of a sensitive and a very different tasting blood than normal, her blood tasted like it was very rare and very unique to anyone else but he didn’t know why.

Awhile after graduating the academy Zero started to stay with Yuuki the girl he met and bit into in the academy, he started to live with her, ever since the academy they were almost best of friends you could even say lovers she was his most treasured lover but yet she was the one who gave him a home to live in.

Personality: Zero is what is known as a vampire but he is a controlled vampire he is a very friendly male though although being a vampire he requires blood to sustain himself his life was very harsh when he was only a child he was turned into a vampire and has lived for many generations looking like he is 19 years old when infact he is over the age of a thousand no one knows of his past only that he was recently found to be very silent and very quiet, his past was rough thousands of years passed and many times has he felt pain and hurt but yet he pushes on, Zero is a very romantic and highly loyal to his lover. Zero at times tends to be very shy aswell as very powerful he is a very soft male.
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PostSubject: Re: Zero Kiryu   Zero Kiryu I_icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 12:01 am

^-^ approvedededed
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